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Check your State Refund


Lighthouse Mortgage is a mortgage broker, which means we act as an intermediary between you and mortgage lenders. We search our database of national and specialty investors to find a loan that best matches your needs.

Too often, people think the best mortgage is one with the lowest rate. But what if that low, teaser rate that will soon increase? There is more to mortgages than rates. The mortgage process is complex. It has lots of moving parts. Timing is critical component to complete a sale, lock-in an interest rate, and keep a closing date. The impact of 15 year vs. 30 year amortization should be important for you. The down payment amount affects the interest rate. A mortgage is a big commitment for many years. Do you know all of the mortgage options available and what variables affect them? The price for making a mistake can be huge. Signing a bad loan could even destroy someone’s financial future. Personalized, expert mortgage advice is essential.

It is important to work with a reputable mortgage broker – one who understands your needs and goals and works on your behalf to find a loan to suits those needs and goals. One size does not fit all. It is all about having a good relationship with someone who is looking out for you, and working with someone reputable. At Lighthouse Mortgage this is our job. We listen to you and understand what you need. We give you advice on how to prepare yourself to qualify for the best loan rates and terms available. We are concerned, responsive, and offer outstanding customer service. We advise and service you as we would family. We make good recommendations based on years of experience give you honest information in simple, everyday language.


No matter what stage of the mortgage process you are at we can provide value.

Advance Preparation

Call us up to a year before you will start looking for a house. This gives us time to analyze your credit, and advise you on how to improve your credit score and make your finances look most favorable to potential lenders.

Ready to Buy

We can also explain what type of loan, what size down payment, and what size mortgage you will qualify for. This gives you the price range that is best for you.

We can also pre-qualify/approve you for a mortgage, which speeds the buying process and gives you bargaining power with the seller because it shows you are a serious buyer, ready to quickly close a sale. In certain markets, a pre-approval may be required by a Realtor and/or Seller.

Obtaining a mortgage commitment

This is the period after signing a sales contract when the lender collects and verifies your financial information to determine if they will grant you a loan. We keep on top of the details during this process. We help you get the information the lender needs, and keep the lender focused on finishing the process.


We attend the closing with you to be sure the mortgage details are correct, answer your questions, and resolve any last minute issues.